is social bookmarking, social sharing, media & news sharing, links directory, blog’s catalog and so much more... We have dedicated sections for sharing peoples thoughts, photo sharing, video sharing, links directory, articles directory and blogs catalog.
Obiviously we are 100% free to use. The system is easy, simply post a thought, photo, video, link, your blog or article and thousands of people will either “like” or “dislike” the post. 
This is a very idéal way to promote your blog/website but also to read and rate your friends thoughts. Easily add your friends and you will automatically subscribe to their feed.
We came to make the web a better place in October, 2010 by Joel Tukiainen.

Content is king, 
right? The best thoughts, funniest videos, best blogs etc. will reciecve more publicity than those who have many dislikes. This way we can keep a high quality in our feed.
The most popular posts will have the best placements in the feed. While we do have a friends system and it’s fun to meet people here our main concentration is the content people actually share on the feed. We guarantee that all content and links posted on the feed are malware, virus and spam free. No pornographic, illegal or disturbing material is allowed on the feed.
We let the users choose the content and sort the best out of the rest. 


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